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The “Sempre Giovani” (Forever Young) Association was set up by Friulian entrepreneur Massimo Blasoni in 2000 to provide opportunities for senior citizens to meet socially. The association now has over 600 members from across the Udine area who strive to foster and encourage a spirit of compassion and solidarity among associates in a number of local spheres. With a sensitive regard for the issues that the elderly face, the members work to ensure elderly people do not become socially and culturally marginalised in our society, by encouraging intergenerational dialogue. Many get-togethers and entertainment events are organised throughout the year: concerts, music and dancing, lunch meetings and much more. Opportunities for meeting and socialising are the association’s main priority, planning even the smallest projects together to ensure an active and contented old age.


Sereni Orizzonti is a member of the "Aiutaci a crescere. Regalaci un libro!" project, an initiative by the nationwide chain of bookshops, Giunti al Punto. Now in its 7th year, the initiative has collected and donated over 780,000 books; precious volumes that have gone to enrich schools, libraries and paediatric hospitals in many Italian cities.

Sereni Orizzonti is an enthusiastic supporter of the initiative and has donated a whole series of books to primary schools in the city. With the valued collaboration of the shop manager of the Via Veneto bookstore in Udine, we have once again chosen the following book series: "Pop-Up dei Perché" (Why? Pop-up), "Pop-Up degli Animali" (Animal Pop-up), "Il Formicaio" (Ants' Nest), "L'alveare" (Beehive) and "Una mela al giorno" (Apple a Day); all published by Editoriale La Scienza.

The animated "Pop-up" books take children on a 44-page world tour to discover animals, the human body, the natural environment and ancient civilisations. Young readers can discover the hidden secrets of the city, the rules for living in the city and all the mysteries surrounding it. In "Il Formicaio" and "L'alveare" they can discover lots of fascinating facts about ants and explore a 3-dimensional model ants' nest to find out how these tiny insects build their nests, what they eat and how they spend their time. There are intriguing facts for children to discover on every page, with guessing games and engaging, interactive learning. Finally, the "Una mela al giorno" book is a fun, interactive book with detachable inserts that explain nutrition for the youngest readers.

"Helping a child to grow by donating a book to the school means contributing to the development of a culture of social responsibility" - this is the Sereni Orizzonti ethos. "Through our small contribution many children will have better bookshelves in their classrooms".

Books will be collected at the Joppi Civic Library and subsequently distributed to schools.


Sereni Orizzonti SpA has complete confidence in the social merits of sport, especially for young athletes, and has formed a partnership with Udinese Calcio and Snaidero to organise Basketball Snaidero.

The Group currently supports more than 30 youth sports organisations in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Udine Basket Together was formed in 2011; a partnership that unites all the basketball associations in Udine under a single banner.

In total, 1,500 young athletes are involved in the range of first teams and youth leagues in the project, which is the only one of its kind in Italy.