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With our extensive experience in the social and healthcare sector, our professional expertise and our sound legal and organisational skills, Sereni Orizzonti SpA can provide solutions to a variety of problem situations facing local authorities, starting with detailed analysis of the local area and including the design, construction and management of social care facilities for the elderly, specialist centres for the disabled and treatment and rehabilitation centres for young people.
Sereni Orizzonti SpA supports local authorities by identifying the best public-private partnership solutions to enable authorities to extend the provision of personal services through investment, including total private investment by the group.


By bidding in public tenders for service concessions, the group brings its experience to bear to provide effective, expert management of facilities, and also invests in expansion and adaptation projects and new construction projects for specialist centres, to respond to the particular requirements of the local authority and local area.


Sereni Orizzonti SpA participates in tenders put out by local authorities for the purchase of land designated for building social care facilities, and for the purchase of public authority service departments and existing residential care facilities.


Sereni Orizzonti SpA submits project financing proposals for the construction or upgrading of social care facilities in the area directly to local authorities, where there are gaps in the provision of residential care services.