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Over time we have developed the skills and experience that have established us as leaders in the care sector.

Our mission is to provide appropriate, perceptive solutions to the needs of families and the various local authority departments. The progressive ageing of our society has led to a situation where local authorities are required to provide increasing levels of care for the elderly with ever-diminishing resources, and the involvement of trusted, professional partners from the private sector is becoming essential.

Sereni Orizzonti SpA strives to provide effective solutions to these needs. Based on a precise analysis of the local area and its requirements, the group designs, builds and then manages care homes for the elderly, or enters bids to manage concessions offered by local authorities, guaranteeing that specialist, qualified care is provided for residents.

The company also offers a consultancy service to local authorities, with solutions to the numerous issues involved with planning and implementation in the social care sector.

Sereni Orizzonti can also provide solutions for specific local requirements in terms of special centres for people with physical and mental disabilities, and treatment and rehabilitation centres for young people.