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the Company

S.O Holding SpA is the holding of a group of societies that work principally in the personal assistance sector, adopting the highest quality standards in the management of health care residences for the elderly and in therapeutic rehabilitation community for minors.

Founded in 1996 in Udine, Sereni Orizzonti 1 SpA operates not only throughout Italy but also in Spain and Germany. In it’s 80 residences for the elderly it accommodates 5.300 guests and employs nearly 3.000 people. It grows through M&A activities but in the recent years it has shortened the supply chain by passing mere management to the role of building constructors strongly characterized by home automation and at the forefront as regards eco-sustainability and energy saving.
In January 2019 our group joined “Work on Time SpA” a generalist work agency that operates with it’s own offices in many Italian cities.